Top Tips for Cycling Safely This Summer

Get out cycling safely and socially this summer.

Cycling is a great way to get outside, be active and get where you need to go. More and more people are discovering the joy and fitness of cycling along with the realization that biking is the ideal method of transportation around town. Cycling has been actively encouraged as a form of transport for cycling to work. Many governments are suggesting cycling transportation as an alternative method to avoid public transportation crowds.

Considering cycling to work for the first time? Or maybe longing for the free feeling you had riding a bike as a child and reignited your interest in cycling? The ol’ saying ‘you never forget how to ride a bike’ almost always holds true. With many more cyclists and less vehicle traffic there is a need for more space to cycle and cities are responding to this need. Many existing bike lanes are being widened so that cyclists can keep their distance from others, and new ones are being created to accommodate this bicycle boom.

One simple and important rule to cycling, Helmet — wear one!

Here’s some tips to keep the fun in cycling, stay safe and get the most out of your ride!

1. Discover new routes
Finding that never before ridden cycling route is the best. Riding along that new road, discovering new views and sites, as well as always that glorious downhill and of course a hidden coffee stop. These are the moments that us cyclists ride for. As we all embrace summer and getting outside, now is the time to explore that trail you have always passed or that town you always wanted to ride to. Planning ahead and mapping your route in advance is a great way to ease any stress or anxiety around commuting by bike. There are many new apps and mapping programs for riders to use to create new commuting routes and new cycling adventures. Map My Ride, CityMapper and Komoot are apps that offer a variety of routes around the world, both road and trail. It is important for cyclists to be visible, ride predictably, understand how traffic works and to communicate with other road users. By knowing your route and easily able to follow your route directions, cyclists are able to move more fluidly and efficiently, while having fun. Being able to hear your route and directions is an easy way to guide your ride, and not have to stare down at Garmin or stop and check your phone.

2. Find a Riding Partner
Nothing beats cycling together. Sharing two-wheeled adventures is an ideal way to spend time with friends and family. Find a riding partner that enjoys your terrain, distances and pace. Also, always try to encourage others to experience riding a bike. A great way is to use the bike around town as a way to take a co-worker out during lunch time, or commute with a neighbor to and from work. This is a relaxing way for someone to cycle and not feel the pressure of a workout.

It is important to understand the requirements of your area and keep distance to ensure safety for yourself and others amidst COVID-19. Terrano Systems is an ideal way to be able to stay together while keeping some space amongst your group. Also there is no need to touch your phone to call someone, when you can simply speak and voice activate your phone or apps.

3. Keep your headphones at home
It’s important to be aware of the traffic around you, whether you are on a country road or city cycle path. Keeping your ears open allows you to hear cars, pedestrians and cyclists. We all know that riding long distances can get boring and that headphones offer some entertainment however, plugging the ears is not safe. Focus is important to cycling. Put the phone away, keep your hands on the handlebars and your eyes looking at the road/trail ahead. By hearing information from fellow cyclists, you are able to ride at ease and safer.

4. Stay fueled and Hydrated
Take your own food and be able to enjoy a quiet, less crowded space to fuel.
And, the roadside views are the golden moments of cycling. As the summer heats up, make sure you know where you can safely stop and get water. One option is to utilize loops to be able to get water easily. Packaged snacks such as small portion bags of nuts, energy bars, and the trusty banana.

If you need to stop and enter a shop, make sure you clean the hands before eating the food. It’s easy to forget with the cycling hunger knock.

5. Let someone know where you are going
We all know that sometimes we just need to get outside and get some alone time. Riding is a great way to clear the mind and focus. Always let someone know where you are riding and keep a number to call handy during your ride, in case you need to reach someone. Feeling free and in the open space is great, but also stay connected for safety! Also take an id with you! Better safe than sorry in case something happens people know who you are and can inform your family.

6. Safety check your bike
You got your new ride — now you are ready to go! Wait, not so fast! Always give it a safety check.
Bikes built for transport and commuter use are quite robust, and built to handle the elements but there are still things that need to be tuned up. Making sure the chain is oiled, the tires have air and the brakes work, this makes riding more enjoyable and avoids getting stuck along the road with problems.

Even if your bike is brand new, especially if you bought it online, make sure you double check everything is tightened and in the correct position. Bike Radar recently published a detailed guide to safety checking your bike. And the local bike shop is a great place to head if you are unsure and need professional mechanical assistance.


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Enjoy cycling this summer and be safe!

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