Essential Workers Bike Initiative from Terrano Systems

Terrano Systems Launches
Essential Worker Bike Initiative

We are here to help essential workers. Thank you for all you are doing for your community!

Terrano is giving essential workers Terrano XT devices to help them get to work and do their job safely.

Delivering supplies and need GPS directions? Terrano is here for you.
Need to be available at every moment, even when riding to work? Terrano is here for you.
Be physically distanced and yet connected to others while riding? Terrano is here for you.
Keep the essential commute moving. Terrano is here you.
No need to touch or read the phone. Terrano is here you.

Now more than ever, safety while getting you to where you need to be is important. Terrano Systems allows riders to receive information immediately and without interruption.

Terrano Systems designs bluetooth devices that allow workers to cycle while hearing important alerts, applications and GPS hands-free and prevents the need to touch the phone. Riders receive information through audio in an open ear system so riders can hear the sounds around them. Voice activated system allows the bicycle rider to speak commands to their phone.

TERRANO SYSTEMS is giving bluetooth devices to those essential workers that need safety and communication.

Simply out the form if you qualify as an essential worker using a bicycle for transport or your job. We’ll collect submissions through April 30th. Selection will be made on a first-come-first-served basis to qualified applicants.

Send the referral link to an essential worker in your community that’s in need of safe, reliable, and convenient communication while bicycling to work or doing their job on bike.

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