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TERRANO-X is the bicycle riders communication system of choice. A helmet-mounted ultra-light radio device with In Helmet speakers and noise reduction mic.

  • Connect via Bike-to-Bike radio intercom with up to 4 cyclists, simultaneously
  • Pick-up incoming phone calls by voice command
  • Listen to Stereo Music and Podcast streaming from your smartphone
  • Digital noise cancelation and automatic volume adjustment per ambience noise
  • Easy fits on top of any bicycle helmet


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Terrano-X in Action

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Comfortable In Helmet Speakers That Never Touch Your Ears,With a Perfect Sound.

You Still Can Hear Other Sounds Around You!

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Explore Our Top Features

  • Omni-Directional
  • Connects wirelessly
    to your mobile
  • Water and dust
  • Incredible battery
    (1 week standby/
    6 hours talk)
  • Connects up to four riders via radio connection

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