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TERRANO-X is the bicycle riders communication system of choice. A helmet-mounted ultra-light radio device with In Helmet speakers and noise reduction mic. It connects cyclists for great team communication as well as offering smartphone connection for incoming calls, apps and music audio. Used by top XC, Endurance, Road and Triathlon riders around the world for racing and training. Perfect for those long rides alone or with friends. And for Urban riders to make the most out of their commute time. Offering radio connection for up to four riders in full duplex mode at distances of up to 1,600 ft. The Terrano-X rugged, all-weather -proof communication unit, easily attaches to virtually any helmet. Each unit comes with two off-ear speakers that let you stay connected with your surroundings, integrated wind-noise reduction microphone with no cables, and sophisticated digital communication electronics.

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Terrano-X in Action

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Comfortable In Helmet Speakers That Never Touch Your Ears,With a Perfect Sound.

You Still Can Hear Other Sounds Around You!

Explore Our Top Features

  • Omni-Directional
  • Connects wirelessly
    to your mobile
  • Water and dust
  • Incredible battery
    (1 week standby/
    6 hours talk)
  • Connects up to four riders via radio connection

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