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After 3 months of rides, here's my experience
Published By Chris MacAskill on July 11, 2016

"I had used Jaybird Bluebuds X Bluetooth Earbuds to listen to audiobooks for perhaps 2 years when I heard about Terrano-X. I decided to try them because I wanted to be able to take phone calls without stopping to dig out my phone, and because the Bluebuds made it hard to hear cars.I really liked the concepts behind Terrano-X, but wasn't sure about wind noise, hearing cars, etc. After the first ride I was disappointed and thought I'd wasted money and time with them. But instead of writing a bad review to vent my frustration, I kept riding and now I choose them on almost all rides over the Bluebuds.The main thing that bothered me is I couldn't hear my book going downhill. Too much wind noise. But two things happened: (1) I got better at adjusting the speakers. In the beginning I guess I made them too parallel to the direction of the road and now I turn them in a little, which seems to cut down the rumble; (2) I slowed down my descents to maybe 30 mph tops. I didn't like that at first, but now I think about it positively as a safety feature. I almost hit a deer the other day and thought "yeah, maybe where I ride 30 is fast enough."They are more comfortable than earbuds and I do hear the cars better.One thing I don't like is for some reason with my iPhone the book will pause on its own. Very frustrating. Happens once every few rides. Then I have to stop, dig my phone out, and press play."

One of the best things I have bought for cycling
Published By GREGG COLLICHIO on July 5, 2016

"One of the best things I have bought for cycling. Very little wind noise and sound is great. Now they need to make a smaller devise to use with a head strap for backpacking"

Top buy
Published By Flashclip on June 20, 2016

"Super cool purchase. Made ALL the difference when riding with my wife. Aside from not having to yell at each other over traffic, there is an added element of safety. Would definitely buy this again."

Quick and easy to install and setup
Published By Amaz on Customer on May 25, 2016

"Quick and easy to install and setup. Not quite as simple to sync with multuple users. Seemed to get bleed over to other devices. Great to have when you are out on your own and want to listen to music. Battery life could be better for longer rides. Excellent when synced to one specific user only.I have not yet tested the ability to receive/make calls while on a ride.Overall a good device to have to stay in touch or listen to music while out on a ride."

Very Good but...
Published By JCP2 on May 23, 2016

"Bought the 2-pack so when riding with my wife we could communicate if one of us had to stop so the other could keep going or at least not have to come back. Have used on several rides of about 28 miles each - they are very good with one exception - the VOX shuts off after varying times if you aren't talking. Sometimes very quickly and other times a longer time delay. Then when it kicks back on there is a delay before it triggers the other unit back on.Cannot find anything to indicate setting for that other than VOX vs push to talk.Otherwise I am very happy to have them and they are helpful during our rides!"

Can you hear me now?!!
Published By Chompper on May 18, 2016

"Bought three of these, to use of course, while riding. They were great! In a group of riders it was nice to communicate with others without shouting or having to be close to each other. Fun to comment on things while others are listening and have a group chat made riding much more fun!"

Perfect sound, communicates easily with the other device
Published By Sdm on April 29, 2016

"Everything meets my expectation! Perfect sound, communicates easily with the other device.I am very satisfied with this product!"

Excellent Reception!
Published By fletch on April 5, 2016

"This is one of the best top 2 purchases for cycling I have made. My cycling buddy suggested we get one. I was skeptical. Got it and it works flawlessly. I got rid of the buds that kept falling out my ears AND the cord that kept getting caught on items on the bike or me. Very clear reception. Good battery life. I used the YouTube vids to pair it with iph and buddy's Android. I hear traffic better now that I can use both ears. I don't even feel that weight on the helmet. To recharge, I leave the device mounted on the helmet and plug it in the back. Works well even in tall building areas, trees, mountains. I only use one ear set due to State laws prohibiting both ears covered. But I can still hear very well even with my tinnitis (ringing in ears). I send text messages, listen to music, make ph calls, and receive calls SAFELY."

Four Stars
Published By Amaz on Customer on March 4, 2016


Five Stars
Published By Amaz on Customer on November 12, 2016

"It works terrific clear and easy to operate"

Five Stars
Published By steve on October 28, 2016

"blue tooth works perfectly every time !"

Five Stars
Published By Amaz on Customer on September 19, 2016

"Great product for the price"

Best option for cycling; Extra cost is worth it
Published By K. Cuddeback on August 22, 2016

"With other Bluetooth headsets being cheap, you might be tempted to use them while biking, but many small, thoughtful elements set this one apart: (1) great mounting strap for the base unit. mounts to a variety of helmets no matter how the holes are arranged (2) accessible controls (3) clever helmet mounting system for earpiece (4) a microphone that picks up voice but not wind noise (5) weather-resistant design (I don't bike in downpours so I can't vouch for worst-case) (6) good battery life (7) standard-plug recharging."

If your looking for the best this is it
Published By Ken Hinshaw on August 9, 2016

"I've tried three or four different headsets and by far this is the best.Receiving phone calls is very clear.On both ends of a callPlus you stay in touch with other riders in the group"