Double Units – Full Package

Double Units – Full Package

In-Helmet Speakers Communication System

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The perfect headset for safe and clean sounding biking No sound blocking earbuds / in ears headphone – use hovering speakers No tangling inline microphone – use omni-direction microphone with flexible boom A must have helmet-mounted gadget for any cyclists. The TERRANO-X is the world’s only digital communication system, designed just and for bicycle riders. It connects cyclists (up to four) via radio connection (using Bluetooth frequencies) in full duplex mode at distances of up to 1,600 ft. (subject to terrain conditions) and offers simultaneous connectivity with your smartphone for receiving calls and the enjoyment of hi-fi music or podcast. This hands-free operated, helmet-mounted bike accessory, designed for sport & outdoor aficionados, adding new dimension to all cycling styles; Mountain, XC, Road or city biking as well as family riding together. Packed in rugged, all-weather -proof yet ultra-light unit, easily attaches to virtually any helmet the Terrano-x is easily installed and intuitively operated. It comes with two hovering speakers, omnidirectional microphone, sophisticated digital communication electronics including wind noise-suppression technology. For additional safety and comfort, you can use one or the two hovering speakers, each float above your ears at adjustable distance but never touch them, in order not to block the surrounding sounds. Terrano-x is the perfect gift for friends and couples who enjoy cycling together!

In the Box

  • 2x Communication device 
  • 2x Helmet mount
  • 2x Headset
  • 2x 4 Large Velcro pads
  • 2x 4 Small Velcro pads
  • 2x 4 Adhesive pads
  • 2x Long strap
  • 2x Short buckle strap
  • 2x USB charging cable
  • 2x Microphone sponge
  • Pre-moistened Alcohol Pad