• Fits virtually all bicycle helmets

  • Aerodynamic design

  • Voice activated

  • Light weight, 1.7 Oz

  • Water and dust proof

  • Incredible battery (1 week standby / 6 hours talk)

  • Omni-Directional Microphone

  • Hovering Speakers (Speakers never touch your ears)

  • Connects wirelessly to your mobile phone (iOS and Android)

  • Plays MP3 Audio from Bluetooth devices


ver2 Terrano™ is all about empowering bicycle riders. Creating high-end communication and entertainment systems for bikers is what we do, and we are passionate about how we do it.

Its founders bring to Terrano strong technical expertise and decades of experience and market leadership in high-performance, field–proven outdoor Bluetooth communication systems.

The Company’s flagship product, the TERRANO-X – the world’s first high-end communication device, was specially conceived and designed for bicycle riders. It represents the pinnacle of more than a decade in designing and developing Bluetooth devices in challenging outdoor environments. The product has a rugged yet streamlined design and offers an impressive range of features for professional and leisure riders alike, including rider-to-rider intercom communication, receiving incoming phone calls and stereo music streaming. Encased in an award winning streamlined design, the TERRANO-X is nevertheless durable and all-weather-proof. Easily installed and intuitively operated, the TERRANO-X boasts a full six hours of talk-time and one week on standby.
The TERRANO-X adds a whole new dimension to bicycle riding. Users often compare it to the transition from the era of silent movies to talking heads, not to speak of what it does for turning heads!


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Yes you can, the rugged design of the Terrano-X complies with the stringent IP67 water- and dustproof requirements and can therefore be used under heavy rain or snow conditions.

Yes you can. The Terrano-X provides great speech and sound quality even under very windy conditions.

The patented hovering speakers were designed for maximum safety and for optimal comfort: Unlike in-the-ear alternatives, the Terrano hovering speakers don’t block vital surrounding traffic noise. In addition, by not touching the ear, riders avoid skin-irritation, especially during longer rides or challenging rides.

With the Terrano-X fully charged you can talk up to 6 hours, we recommend that you charge the unit once back from a ride. Ideally, you should keep the unit in its cradle on the helmet while charging.

Just tap briefly on the right channel bottom ( A or B ) to resume the connection.

Yes you can, provided you paired you device. However while the intercom mode is activated you will not hear the instructions via device.

From time-to-time Terrano publishes free software updates, including feature enhancements and improvements. Check our Website for updates or register with us for updates notifications.

In conference mode, i.e. simultaneous multi-party conversation, we recommend up to three riders. In toggling mode, i.e. 1:1 conversations between two riders at a time, the Terrano-X works between up to 4 riders.

There is no reasons for concern at all. The Terrano-X not only complies with all North American and European regulatory standards but actually exposes users way below any threshold could that pose a potential health risk.

No, the Terrano-X unit is very light, it weighs only 1.75 oz. and its award winning aerodynamic design minimizes wind drag.