If you cannot hear audio from one of the speakers or voice from the microphone check for the following in that order;

  1. Insure that the Device properly secured in the Helmet cradle
  2. Check that the cradle wire is not damaged or broken
  3. Check that the connectors are in place and firmly connected
  4. Check that the connectors are clean.  If needed, use a bit of rubbing alcohol to clean them up
  5. If you have dual set, swap the Communication Devices between the helmets
  6. If the problem now manifested itself in the other helmet than check the Communication Device. (i) Make sure that the Communication Device is fully charged. (ii) Reset the Communication Device to its factory setting.  If the problem remains and you have going through steps above, send us an email with detailed description of the issue and the steps taken so far
  7. If the problem remains with the first helmet and you have going through steps 1 to 6 above, please email Terrano support team with detailed description of issue and the steps taken so far

How to setup mic sensitivity?
Turn on the devices. Then open the  Terrano Connect App in your smartphone.
Go to setting –>sensitivity –> choose “Low”

How do I get software update?
As of yet there were no new updates available. Please check our website regularly for any new updates.
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How can I download a manual guide?
Download HERE


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