“My Go-To Cycling Device”
Terrano offers me long-lasting communication when I need it. The best part is that I am not relying on cell reception to communicate to my riding partners. I can speak, not scream or yell, and know that we can hear each other. T
“Communicate Easily”
I like being able to hear technical riding advise from my coach while we are training. It allows me to learn and to adapt right away. I like the open ear system so I can hear everything, and I am still completely in nature.
“Keeps Us Riding Together”
My wife and I try to ride every weekend together. Some weeks, we are different paces and Terrano allows us to stay connected and stay riding. I like that I can be in touch with her, even if we don't have cell reception. Terrano makes riding together better.
“Canyon //SRAM Racing”
I like to listen to podcasts when I'm riding but I am sometimes hesitant due to how vulnerable I am when riding on open roads with cars and lorries. Terrano XT gives me the piece of mind that I can listen to music and podcasts but also be aware of everything around me.
“Ideal Training Tool”
I am riding long days and Terrano works great for my training partners and I. Many days I will begin my ride alone, so I use Terrano for music. Having the ability to hear is most important for me while riding so with Terrano there are no ear buds. Then I can simply link my training partner to the system when I pick him up. Great technology for all types of riders.
“Group Riding”
Thank you Terrano! I got into cycling in my 30's and was always nervous riding in the city in the group. With Terrano, we can talk and tell each other information without yelling. It makes riding much more relaxing, and safer! Plus we can climb the hills without worrying about where everyone is. It's a great part of our riding group now.
“So Easy to Use”
We've only just begun using them and they work pretty much perfectly. We put the voice control on high and we could just chat back and forth like we were standing right next to each other. App is great. No buttons to push. The device didn't add much weight to our helmets, thankfully. i was really skeptical and terrified i was throwing away money like i did on some nice motorola walkie talkies. Terrano is a great cycling tool — they're really nice!!