First, a personal confession, riding is one of my most enjoyable break from the daily routine.  We, my wife and I, do cross-country, riding about 35 miles within three hours. You go out, try different paths and dirt roads and as seasons pass we see how nature reshape the track that we take.  We ride Kona  Carbon Hei-Hei Supreme, a very light 29″ bikes equipped with SRAM XO1/XX1 drivetrain, which are a great pride and pleasure.

Two years ago, I was introduced to the Terrano-X system.  We fell in love with it, as it is complementing perfectly our bikes, elevating our total riding experience.

The Terrano-X System enables us to listen to music, receive calls and more importantly communicate with each other throughout the ride.  In fact, communication is so convenient, no in ears devices or tangling inline microphone and sound quality is superb,

such that you want to keep the system working even a home.

Safety is very important to us, with the Terrano-X Hovering Speakers that never touch your ears (much better that those sound blocking earbuds) we can listen to the surrounding environment, being tuned to the traffic when we cross a high road and yet stay connected. Simple messages like; ‘hi beware of the incoming car’ or ‘note the stray dog on the trail’ are now second nature to us.  We can communicate even if out of line-of-sight (the Terrano-X radio has a 1700 ft range), so the periodic question of ‘where are you? ‘, ‘ how far are we apart?’ is answered instantly, no need to look back and risk falling or stopping or slowing down till you resync.

On narrow trails we ride in-file.  Gone are the days when we rode in parallel in order to communicate. Looking at groups of riders blocking the pass and still shouting to each other, you do feel like they were left behind progress.

We do not stop, we keep riding. The old ‘let’s wait at the next intersection or cross road’ was replaced by; ‘ hi, I took the north pass’ or ‘you can bypass the mud pool from the left, it is rather shallow that side’.

Terrano-X comes with wind and ambiance noise suppression technology which comes very handy when we ride with strong headwind. We can easily coordinate taking turns while one is blocking the wind and the other preparing for a sprint.

The systems proved to be rugged, water and dust proof, judging from riding in torrent rain, yet able to communicate while it was almost impossible to see through, or when our helmet is banged against the long canes along the sides of the meandering trail.

Spending great deal of time biking, you need to stay connected for urgent calls as the might be coming in.  The anxiety, which are we all too familiar with, of being out of reach is no more.  When my neighbor called to say that I left my garage’s door open I was able to take the call by simple saying HI and without stopping turned around to come back home.

But the most important aspect of Terrano-X for us is the simple joy of sharing the experience. Noting the beautiful landscape, the ducks in the river, fox crossing or the colorful blooming of the wild flowers.

While the Terrano-X battery last for at least five hours between charges, if I fail to charge the units the night before we simple do not ride.  As riding without it feels like going back to old silent movie!

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